Computerized Posture Measurement + Visual Biofeedback = You Look and Move Better!


People living with Parkinson’s are a unique population with multiple challenges best served by a multiple of professions. Spinal posture, gait, and flexibility are major issues in Parkinson’s. These issues are of both a cosmetic and functional concern. In addition to the traditional treatment methods used to date, a promising new therapy is called “Whole Body Vibration”. This is described in detail on this website under the “Whole Body Vibration” link.

Normally people use the feedback from their nervous systems proprioceptors (movement and position sensors) to properly adjust their posture, gait and physical movement patterns. This feedback is impaired in people with Parkinson’s. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) improves this feedback, which in turn decreases muscular spasticity, improving posture, gait and flexibility. The result is a decrease of the thoracic spine kyphosis (stooped posture) and a return to a more natural and flowing gait. WBV is not an alternative primary method of treatment for Parkinson’s. WBV is a beneficial addition to the management of the spine and gait where the Parkinson’s patient is looking for a non-pharmacologic option that is easy, fast , and inexpensive.

If you are interested in helping yourself or someone else with Parkinson’s to stand with better posture and walk with a healthier gait, you owe it to yourself to review the following links to research on this method. After that call us and talk to Dr. Nykwest. If you qualify we can offer you 12 visits of free treatment as part of our pilot research Parkinson’s Project, and the cost of care beyond that time is very reasonable!

Dr. Nykwest's Parkinson's Project has 3 Key Elements:

1- Computerized measurement of a digital photograph demonstrating the patients postural alignment and balance.

2- Biofeedback posture training on a WBV platform. While experiencing WBV the patient can see their posture simultaneously from the front and the side. This allows for very rapid learning of the correct posture.

3- Standardized Berg Balance Scale assessment to determine effectiveness of treatment.

Feel free to call and ask to visit our office and see what we are about. There is no cost and we are very nice people :)


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