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The Pain of Your Bill Should Not Be Greater than the Pain of Your Problem


  • Our Fees, As Simple As We Can Make Them

    If you have Insurance

    We participate in the majority of insurance plans. A partial list is presented below. We cannot list all of the plans here. You can confirm your coverage by calling us or checking with your insurers by phone or their website. Your cost for a chiropractic visit is usually shown on the back of your insurance ID card. Your cost would be either the amount shown next to "PCP" (primary care provider) or the amount shown next to "Spec" (specialist).

    Blue Cross Blue Shield
    Cigna PPO
    NYS Government Employee Plans
    Union Health Plans
    No-Fault Auto Insurance
    Some No-Fault plans have a deductible on medical services as well as vehicle damage that you are responsible to pay. Most do not. You should confirm this with your insurer. You have no costs for treatment unless you have a deductible.

    Workers Compensation
    All W/C plans cover chiropractic treatment without any cost to the patient.

    Personal Payment
    The first visit in our office requires history & examination services as well as treatment. This requires an hour long appointment. The cost for this visit is $100.
    Subsequent treatment visits require 15-20 minutes & cost $45-50.
    If you cannot afford our fees we will work with you to make reasonable accommodations to your financial circumstances. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

  • Medicare reimburses ONLY for the SPINAL MANIPULATION portion of a chiropractic office visit. Medicare requires that prior to your treatment the 
    chiropractor must perform an EXAMINATION of your spine that establishes 
    that you have one of the limited conditions that Medicare will pay the 
    chiropractor to treat. While Medicare requires you to have this chiropractic 
    exam, they require that THE PATIENT MUST PAY for it. There are other 
    beneficial services Medicare WILL NOT pay for in a chiropractic office 
    including massage, heat packs, traction, electrical muscle stimulation and 
    others. While Medicare's rules are too lengthy and confusing to fully present 
    here, most commonly in our office it is the Medicare patients responsibility to 
    pay the following fees:
    Initial examination- $100Each Subsequent treatment visit- $31.40 per Medicare's mandatory fee schedule for manipulation alone. Approximately $47 where a manipulation and an uncovered therapy is used.
    If you have AARP secondary insurance AARP will pay your percentage of the Medicare allowed fee for the spinal manipulation service but will not pay for any of the other services as listed above.If you have Secondary Insurance Other than AARP, the secondary benefits vary widely from no additional benefit to full coverage of all costs. This can only be determined on an individual basis. While it is the patients responsibility to understand their own insurance benefits, if you call us we will extend a good 
    faith effort to help you determine this.

    Our office is NOT A MEDICARE PARTICIPATING OFFICE. We require payment for all services by the patient at the time the services are rendered. We submit bills to your insurers on your behalf and they should reimburse you as defined in your plan. Of the average $47 charged under medicare the patient is reimbursed an average of $30 resulting in an average out of pocket expense of $17 per visit.


We have office hours Monday - Friday as follows. Call us for changes to our hours with major holidays.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9:30AM - 7PM

Tuesday & Thursday: 3PM - 7PM

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